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By Editor, 5 August 2018

One of the Oldest Recorded Fishing Communities in Scotland

East Haven is one of the earliest recorded fishing communities in Scotland dating back to 1214. The port of East Haven with it’s fishing rights was gifted to the monks of Coupar Angus Abbey by Philip de Valognes where it was formally recorded. The Ha’en is  probably much older than even 1214 but this early formal record marks East Haven as a place of historical importance. 

An extract from 'Fishing Communities in Angus and the Mearns' by David G Adams and edited by Gillian Zealand. (available to purchase from The Pinkfoot Press in Brechin)

East Haven was part of the barony of Panmure which constituted the largest part of the parish of Panbride. It was particularly associated with the lands of Scryne which formed the southern half of the barony. The earliest known proprietors of Panmure were the de Valognes, an Anglo-Norman family favoured by King William 1 (1165-1214). Around 1214, Philip de Valognes granted the monks of Coupar Angus Abbey an acre of land in his port of Stinchendehavene (East Haven) for a toft to build on, with a toll for fishings and a right to use the Haven.

Today 'East Haven Together' is the driving force behind a vibrant and active community.  Hello Carnoustie met Wendy & John to learn more (see embedded video clip for interview).  

East Haven Together influences so many positive things in the community go to their facebook or website for more details and more importantly to join in - make a donation or donate yourself (even an hour every now and then makes a big difference!). 



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